In an interview with Telegraph TV, Roger Bootle said that we are "not so far from" Daily Telegraph readers sympathising with anti-capitalist causes.

Interviewer Robert Miller, asked the Telegraph columnist if he thought the protests, which have gripped the world, will grow in support to which Roger Bootle replied:

"I think this anti-capitalism movement will grow and grow, its a major issue, an ideological issue as well as a practical and political issue for governments."

"At the moment if you look at the people doing the protesting they look like typical fringe protesters."

"When you get your typical Daily Telegraph reader supporting the same cause then I think you've got to be pretty worried and I don't think we're so far from that"

Bootle went to add that the justification for supporting anti-capitalist movements would be in the level of reward handed out within capitalism.

This identification of the flaws under our current version of capitalism is a theme which is growing amongst economics and political commentators who support the capitalist ideology and as unpopular as it may be to the growing numbers of anti-capitalists  it is actually correct.

I was speaking to an economist this week who asked me why people are calling for the end of capitalism when the system which has failed is nothing short of  corporate fascism.

Every time I hear the word fascism I cringe and once you add the word corporate to the equation you have a soundbite straight out of the conspiraloons thesaurus but the definition stacks up and the description is accurate.

What we have is corruption at the highest levels of economic and political governance and that is not unique to capitalism, ask anyone who has lived under a socialist regime and they will tell you the same.

Capitalism is very clear on what happens to an institution if it gets into financial difficulties… collapses, so how anyone can call the propping up of banks a capitalist move is beyond me.

In fact it sounds distinctly the opposite.

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