Ron Paul, the medical doctor, author, US republican politician and presidential hopeful has an economic plan for the USA that would wipe $1 trillion off of the US deficit within a year and has his opponents saying it would wreck any recovery.

So, despite this strong message from Paul, why is there the perception that the media is generally ignoring him in his drive to become the next US President in 2012.

Ron Paul wants to take the axe to foreign aid, foreign wars and eliminate the departments of Energy, Commerce, Housing and Development, Interior and Education. As far as he is concerned these have all made things worse for Americans and the USA. "How does hiring a lot of bureaucrats in Washington and running a department up there make our system better? There's no indication it's happened. It's quite the opposite."

But even with these highly controversial proposals there are still indications that the press are not giving him the airtime he deserves.

The Christian Science Monitor asks “Is Ron Paul still being ignored by the mainstream media? Are traditional news outlets continuing to treat him like “the 13th floor in a hotel,” to use comedian Jon Stewart’s phrase? Is he the GOP (Grand Old Party) candidate non grata, the Libertarian-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the hole in the doughnut that is the Republican presidential field?

Well, according to Pew Research Center’s ‘Media Primary’ Dr Paul has been getting just 2% of campaign stories.

But as the piece points out, Pew covers the big mainstream, but Paul is doing very well on blogs and regional newspapers with a 48% approval rating in the former. And with only a 15% negative and 38% neutral coverage he is well ahead of the others

Over the past 30 days, for instance, Paul has generated almost three times as many searches in the United States as has Romney. Texas Governor Perry generated more Web interest through early October, but that’s cratered and now stands below Paul’s average.

Michele Bachmann? No contest. Three times as much Web traffic goes to Paul, the Texas libertarian lawmaker, as to the Minnesota tea party favorite.” It goes on.

The one candidate that is ahead of Paul is Herman Cain, but now that his 9-9-9 tax plan is under attack and Paul has labelled him and his plan ‘dangerous’ that may slip.

The Washington Post says that Ron Paul is increasingly relevant, but that he has ‘…a big hurdle to overcome: convincing people that he can win’.

But as with any pre-election manoeuvring, it’s the votes on the day that matter and only time will tell if the Ron Paul support carries through.

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