According to the Mirror Ronan Keating's Wife Yvonne is going to join him in OZ for the sake of their children whilst he is filming the Australian X factor to minimise the impact of  recent events which led to Ronan being thrown out of his family home after an alleged affair with a on tour dancer.

You read from one source that Ronan wants to start a new life with Francine Cornell the other says he wants to make a go of his marriage.

So who do you listen to?

I think that until Ronan comes out and tells the press what is what then it's all idle speculation, which is going to mar his reputation and make the sorry affair all the more difficult for his family.

There is never any real excuse for an affair but there came be a sort of understanding considering that anyone with a high public profile who is perceived as a heart-throb like Ronan is will get some very beautiful women throwing themselves at them.

If he was a factory worker I am sure he wouldn't get a second look from women but his status and the artificially created public image of 'Ronan Keating' who is painted as the 'perfect' man will mean that women will defy morality and give disproportionate attention to an alright singer.

Thank goodness that should fame and and fortune land on my shoulders I am sufficiently ugly to deter the most desperate of women leaving my wife totally trusting to my every move.

But Ronan is a semi good-looking chap and like Mark Owen and other stars who have played hide the sausage away from home, it must that much harder to say no every second of the day.

Add on top of this a potential early mid life crisis and you have a recipe for disaster proving you're a 30 or 40 something year old who knows his heart throb days are numbered equally with reducing hair follicles.

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