The nation gasped as the winner for Britain's Got talent was read out because Ronan Parke didn't win Britain's Got Talent.

It was 24 year old Jai McDowall from Tarbolton in Ayrshire, Scotland who the British public voted for as being the most talented performer on the show and received a nice fat cheque of £100,000.

Both Jai and Ronan gave spine tingling performances but it was the Scot who pipped Ronan to the post leaving legions of grannies across the nation requiring emotional support.

Simon Cowell would have made more money setting up a helpline for inconsolable Ronan Parke fans than from line votes.

So why is it that the bookies favourite did not win Britain's Got Talent?

The media today is full of articles claiming that Ronan was robbed by the result which placed the 12 year old singer in second place.

Many of the headlines both in printed press and online media are quite angry that Jai won the competition but do not afford Jai the courtesy and recognition he deserves for winning.

12 year old Ronan was more mature than most of the gutter press who decided it was fair game to rain on Jai's moment in a united show of bad sportsmanship.

But it is not just the press who have been spoil sports, it looks like Mr Cowell has decided to lavish his support to the runner up with a very small and begrudging acknowledgement to Jai McDowall.

According to The Mirror, the great Simon Cowell himself has said that he will make Ronan Parke a millionaire by the end of the year.

The man with the Midas golden wink said "Despite this result Ronan has still got what it takes to go all the way. He’s a great kid and I’m going to make him a star."

As for Jai apparently he just said he was a worthy winner (but it sort of ends there…I think someone isn't seeing pound signs for this year's winner of Britain's Got Talent)

The fact of the matter is more people liked Jai McDowall than Ronan Parke and they voted accordingly……simple really.

Accept it and get over it……

The worst thing is Ronan is brilliant and should not have to have the media circus to contend with at 12 years of age.


The police have decided to stop investigating the match fixing allegations because they think the whole palaver was invented to boost ratings (pretty much as was reported 2 days ago).

Makes you wonder what else is being done in the name of publicity…….has Cheryl Cole really left the American X Factor for good, or is she rejoining or is it all just a publicity stunt?

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