Katy Perry's other half has been involved in a serious car accident after a heavy truck drove into the back of his car that has left him with a few cuts and bruises but Russell refused to go to A&E because he is well hard.

Russell said he is "Shell shocked" after the accident in which he crashed his Lamborghini Superleggera that set him back £150,000 after leaving the set of his new film, Arthur .

Why is it that I have little sympathy for anyone who crashes his Lamborghini?

Is it because I am jealous because I do not own a fast car? is it because I am a cruel merciless pontificator on triviality (possibly) or is it because someone who is prepared to part with that kind of money on a car must be the bi-product of the union between a big brother contestant and a carpet that has been soaked in urine for 3 days.

"What's wrong in owning such a car? its his money let him do what he wants with it"….I hear you cry.

Yes let him.

But when its gets bumped don't cry about it…and the press shouldn't report it.

We have far more important news that is barely breaking the headlines i.e. a cat has been saved by firemen after it got stuck on a three foot tall wall in Cardiff today yet we must all get rather worried because someone with too much money had a bit of a bump in his expensive car……and this is headline news?

There is a big solar eruption heading our way and Katy Perry is sending Russell up into space…..see I told you there was a God!

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