Daily Brexit Update: Friday 17th August 2018

Next update – Monday 20th August 2018

The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is keeping the no-deal Brexit scare-mongering bus on the road by announcing that his London resilience forum will be making preparations for no food and medicines in London after Brexit Day.

If you want a true disaster to prepare for, get ready for a Momentum controlled, Corbyn led labour Government!

But in a bit of 'touché' the chief executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Mike Thompson, says that the EU is way behind the UK in planning for a no-deal scenario and has not stock-piled enough drugs.

According to the Express "…he confessed he is 'concerned about patients across the continent of Europe', as they are falling behind their preparations for a no-deal Brexit, especially in the health sector".

On the subject of EURef2 (or would it more technically be called EURef3), Martin Kettle writing in the Guardian asks whether a second referendum would just be another Brexit fantasy. He points out that with just months to go there would be insufficient time to do it properly so it would always be open to criticism. And to try to extend the Article 50 process to cater for such a vote would also be prey to many practical and political problems.

I know! Let's just go by the 2016 vote and get on with a proper Brexit!

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is backing Theresa May's discredited Chequers based Brexit deal, probably in an attempt to keep the party together and the Tories in power. But UKIP leader Gerard Batten lays out the true risk of that policy:

And a businessman tells Westmonster why he's not afraid of a no-deal Brexit, in fact the EU for his business has caused more red tape than opportunities and his main export market is outside the EU anyway (video):


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