It's enough to make people of a 'certain age' cringe when a group of teenagers shuffles past with their beltless jeans half-masted around their hips with boxer shorts (or worse) proudly on display.

This fashion off-shoot of 'builders' bottom' goes, I am informed, by the monicker of 'sagging' and is supposedly derived from the consequence of depriving prisoners of their belts. It's meant to be 'cool' by all accounts.

President Obama reportedly dislikes this fashion 'statement'  and there have been attempts in Florida to ban this sartorial practice.

As the Guardian points out in a piece on the subject, in 2008 whilst on the presidential campaign Obama told MTV that the 'brothers should pull up their pants' and the mayor of Delcambre, Louisiana, put out a threat of jail time and a $500 fine for such outfitting rebelliousness.

But while this may get some people into a bit of a lather there's no flesh on show, it just looks a bit cumbersome and ridiculous to most people.

It's also probably not much different to the weird low-slung back-to-front trouser 'Kris-Kross' look from the early 90s. Ouch! That must sting those that think sagging is the latest look, their mums and dads may have been into it too!

And therein lies the answer for members of the older generation and politicians such as the US president who want to see the back of this tailoring catastrophe. Ditch the belt, don the most garish boxer shorts you can find and waddle like a penguin sagger!

Picture it, David Cameron at PMQs trousered accordingly, far more viewers, far more laughs and people still ignoring what he said. Obama at a Presidential address with discarded belt and flowery boxers. C'mon you politicians! Get with the programme and become 'relevant' to the younger generation! Vince Cable could win his way back into favour with a bit of sagging (apart from what's already sagging that is).

And all the oldies could join in too, rows of pensioners at bus-stops and supermarket checkouts all joining the cool sagging brigade, with their 'proud to be a Sagger' T-shirts.

With the sight of so many grey hairs and wrinkles associated with the fashion you would suddenly see thousands of youngsters queueing up tout-de-suite at the properly tailored trouser and belt outlet to re-enter the land of normality.

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