The 45 year old star has denied rumours that there has ever been a 'sex tape' of herself and her estranged husband, Jesse James. And has stated that there will never be one in the future alluding to an imminent divorce.

Her statement is in response to allegations that  that Jesse has posed as a Nazi in graphic sex tapes with Sandra Bullock. And according to more than one online news source Jesse has filmed his extra marital conquests but these reports cannot be verified.

Reports are running wild that Sandra is frightened that Jesse may try to kill her then kill himself and she may file a complaint citing mental and physical abuse with a restraining order on Mr James.

Sandra has been in hiding from the press and kept silent since the revelations and allegations about her husband's affairs with very few public sightings of her.

There are reports that Sandra is in communication with Jesse James through intermediaries and she is fearing a backlash of stories that could follow her divorce with Jesse relating to things that best left private.

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