How is it that one of the few decent actresses in Hollywood can get a worst actress award? Sandra Bullock is entertaining and actually possesses a certain degree of class so this really is an insult to her.

But ever the true lady she graciously turned up to collect the award voted for by the lowest set of trailer park trash for her performance in the film 'All About Steve'.

Sandra, who was justifiably annoyed at receiving the award, thanked all involved for ruining her career and informed all present at the ceremony that they did not understand what she was trying to achieve in the film and I for one agree with her.

It is an all too common trait of much of the population of the USA and Britain to read something superficially and read  no hidden depth in performance. I for one thought that Sandra did a great job of parody in her role but it obviously went over the heads of those who came to the unfortunate conclusion that will effect Sandra's career.

Lets hope that casters and directors are not influenced by this diabolic award.

Sandra Bullock really does shine in her own way and is one of the most engaging actors around today, you simply can't take your eyes off her and that is not just because of her beauty but she pulls something from within which you instantly connect with.

Obviously the decision to award Sandra with this award was made by those incapable of seeing beyond the immediate and therefore miss the intimate subtitles in a performance.

There are many tripe actors and actresses who get the lion's share of media attention and praise and they are very deserving of this award but Sandra is not in that league.

She is the victim of a seriously bad decision and it is justice that loses out today.

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