CEO Gareth Robinson Calls for one Hour a week Guilt free “al-desko” shopping in run up to Christmas

Enlightened bosses across the UK can boost morale and productivity by giving staff an hour a week guilt-free “Santa Time in the run up to Christmas to shop online, according to Gareth Robinson of money saving website; Robinson makes a plea for employers to recognise the fact that, with the increase in two income households, there is less and less time for people to prepare for Christmas and that they could help employees save money and make festive planning less frantic.

People try to cram everything into the last week and pay over the odds for their presents, decorations, food and drink and travel costs,” he claimed. “With a bit of planning they could shop around for savings and avoid missing the online shopping deadline. This is a low cost measure to help your staff save money by planning ahead and shopping online from their desks without looking over their shoulder.

Staff are going to spend work time either planning for Christmas or worrying about it, whether you sanction it or not. So let’s be grown up about it and let our people know that it’s OK to spend a modest amount of the working day on festive surfing so long as they get their work done and don’t abuse the trust.” He added.

He suggests that companies who block access to shopping sites could provide one or two open access workstations or simply set up a dedicated Wi-Fi network to enable staff to shop on their tablets or smartphones. “It’s important to find ways to extend this privilege to non-office workers or they may feel left out in the cold.

Robinson contends that many people might prefer time off for festive shopping to the office Christmas party. As far back as 2011 a report by Badenoch & Clark claimed that one in 10 staff would rather have cash than have to go to the office party. “The same would probably apply to time off for shopping. A sensible compromise might be that you give staff time off to shop and then just have a few drinks after work rather than go the whole Yule hog with usual death by karaoke and furtive flirting,” he concluded.

Christmas Shopping Carnaby Street by ceridwen

Christmas Shopping Carnaby Street by ceridwen

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