Now, this isn’t for everybody. But if you’re like me, a gent of a certain age with more hair sprouting daily from your ears than from your scalp then this may save you a little bit of money.

I peer into the mirror every day, never really noticing what’s left of my once glorious hair unless it gets all long and wispy and I start looking like a mad professor who’s clutched  hold of a couple of power cables.

I then resolve to get down to the barbers but never seem to make it except as an afterthought on shopping day, when his little room is chock full of similar cases to mine.

Now I do enjoy a bit of time to relax with the paper and then talk rubbish about soccer and rugger whilst having my locks shorn, but it doesn’t always suit. I then always ask for a close cut (No 1 or No 2) so as to keep my visits to his establishment down to the minimum (it’ not him I want to avoid but the time and money wasted on my non-existent hairline). Having entered as the mad professor, I then leave looking like an extra from a prisoner of war film or a misplaced refugee (my general attire does not help here either).

So the other day I took myself off to Argos, parted with a couple of tenners and purchased a Wahl ‘Vogue’ hair clipper. I chose Wahl because if the reputation and the reviews.

When I got home I then took my life in my hands and applied it to my scalp. And I must say I am very pleased with the results. The Wahl Vogue is heavy and robust enough to beat off a horde of burglars and gives off that quiet, reassuring barber’s shop hum. It is also extremely easy to use and comes with all sorts of extras making it very good value for the less than twenty quid I paid for it. That means after three uses it’s paid for itself (probably four or five if you live in Govan or Barrow-in-Furness).

There is now no need for ‘comb-overs’ or too close cropped hair. I can use it whenever I see the need and no interminable queuing. I can also maintain my slightly unkempt look as the Wahl is also excellent for keeping the chin whiskers at that ‘designer stubble’ stage.

I will of course pop in to see my barber from time to time but only to chat.

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