Now that we’ve started recovering from the recession, we’d all like to think that we’re more responsible with our money. However, recent research carried out by Zopa and shown in this Infographic reveals that our attitude towards our finances may not be as healthy as we thought. With this in mind, worries are starting to surface that we might be headed straight for a retirement crisis.

Zopa asked 2,000 UK adults what their main savings goals were, and they were surprised to find we’d rather save for the coming summer’s beach getaway than save for a deposit on a house. In fact, 36% said that saving for their next holiday was their main financial priority. More serious long term savings goals, such as children and pensions for our retirement, were at the bottom of the list with just 8% of people putting house deposits as a savings priority. But, this isn’t the most worrying revelation as the survey also revealed that 1 in 5 people admitted they had no savings whatsoever.

Zopa has created this Snakes & Ladders game to display the survey results, but also to highlight the most common savings pitfalls we seem to be falling into regularly. There are also some tips to help become more financially secure. Promoting a healthy savings attitude to young people now will help towards preventing a retirement crisis in the future.

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