The scientific community may have experienced a premature moment of excitement last month when an internal memo from those clever chappies working on the LHC suggested the Higgs Boson (commonly known as the 'God particle') may have been detected.

Speculation based on preliminary data and observations made from the Atlas experiment held at the Large Hadron Collider was leaked onto the internet last month and hopes were high that the allusive Higgs Boson had been found.

However after careful analysis of the data extrapolated from the experiment it looks like this was a false alarm.

The BBC reports that Rolf-Dieter Heuer, who is the director-general of CERN, said "This should be a lesson to journalists not to report results they might see from blogs. If we do discover something and we are sure of it we will announce it officially. Any other news is speculative".

Heuer is convinced that IF the God Particle exists then the LHC will find it by 2012 (an auspicious date for end timers) but if it is not found then the 'standard model' of physics must be left and it would be time to go back to the drawing board.

According to The Independent Rolf said "I am pretty confident that towards the end of 2012 we will have an answer to the Shakespeare question of the Higgs boson: to be or not to be?,"

"If it does not exist, and therefore we do not find it, then we must find something else which takes up the job of the Higgs, namely giving up mass to elementary particles."

A Christian  former Cambridge scientist who is a close source to The Economic Voice said "Every day I marvel at how God outwits us as we breakdown his universe,"

"The Higgs Boson has been tagged as the 'God Particle' yet it has no relevance to God, and if discovered, the Higgs Boson would only serve to satisfy a series of questions to how and why the universe works as it does but The Higgs Boson is not God."

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