In a sentiment very akin to that of big businesses' views on UK independence from the European Union, new research suggests that Scottish businesses would be disadvantaged should Scotland vote 'yes' to independence from the UK.

According to a paper produced by the UK government and launched by business secretary Vince Cable in Glasgow on 2nd July Scottish independence would "destabilise enterprise and potentially put jobs at risk".

His views are underlined by InterExec®'s third annual report on the senior executive market, which reveals that one in five senior Scottish executives are 'concerned' about the forthcoming independence vote.

Cable believes the threat to employment will result from the break-up of the UK's single market, and it appears that senior executives in the Scottish market are agreeing.

Research was conducted among 200 of the most exclusive headhunters by InterExec®, which assists both executives and headhunters globally in the £150k to £1m+ salary bracket.

Kit Scott-Brown of InterExec®, says;

Flag of Scotland by Cayetano

Flag of Scotland by Cayetano

"Scotland is renowned for producing top quality goods for the World market and it is through taking full advantage of the UK's trade links that the Scots are able to benefit fully from a healthy economy.

"Independence, on the other hand, will increase barriers to Scottish trade adding costs and taking away a valuable support network. These are all issues to consider for Scottish enterprises and the senior executives that work within them.  It is, therefore, hardly surprising that many senior Scottish executives are daunted by the prospect of a 'yes' vote to independence. "

Image by Cayetano – (Scotland flag  Uploaded by Smooth_O) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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