Eastenders actor Scott Maslen has put to rest speculation over his possible departure from Albert Square and announced that he will not be leaving the show.

Scott who plays Jack Branning in Eastenders will not be following his co-star Samantha Womack (who plays his wife) who decided to leave the show after the sensationalist cot death storyline, which caused distress to many viewers. Some of whom had lost children to cot death and it resulted in a public outcry and verbal abuse on the streets for Womack.

Scott said "I'm not waltzing off anywhere!"

"We've been an item on the show for four years now and she's one of my best mates – a friend of the family."  "It is sad, but she's had a very hectic year or so. And it's about time she had a little break to see what else she wants to do."

It is rumoured Samantha Womack will leave Eastenders in April to coincide with the cot death storyline's conclusion.

Hopefully Eastenders will turn its back on the current direction of the plot and take responsibility for the show's content, which has a huge impact on viewers.

That's right, some people really cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction and those that can will be affected by the fiction.

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