Scottish Labour Party votes to scrap Trident – criticised by UKIP

David Coburn MEP, Leader of UKIP Scotland, has criticised Scottish Labour's vote to scrap Trident saying: "The result of today's vote at the Scottish Labour Conference means it is now clear that UKIP is the only party in Scotland that supports Trident and those many thousands whose jobs are dependent on it.

"Kezia Dugdale and the Scottish Labour leadership should listen to the likes of the GMB about the job losses that would follow if Trident were to be scrapped.

"UKIP and I will continue to speak up for those that work at the Faslane naval base and elsewhere in the defence industry as they play a vital role in insuring our nation's defence and liberty.

"UKIP is the only party that is sticking up for the working man and woman who have been betrayed by Scottish labour"

Trident Missile 2 (PD) copy

UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, also criticised Scottish Labour's decision to oppose the renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent saying; "Scottish Labour's divided minority are trying to dictate defence policy to the majority."

Former soldier Mr Hookem, who last month criticised Jeremy Corbyn for saying he would not 'press the nuclear button', continued saying, "Scottish Labour are now trying to be more populist than the SNP in their adoption of the anti nuclear deterrent stance. This decision puts Scottish Labour on a direct collision course with the national Labour party who have already realised the damage that would be done to this country and our standing within the international community if we were to become a non-nuclear armed nation."

"What Scottish Labour has not taken into account are the 13,000 well-paid jobs in Scotland and thousands of other jobs around the UK that will be lost as a direct result of non-renewal. For me this decision highlights how fragmented the Labour Party has become as a whole. They are now actively trying to be all things to all people and that simply does not work."

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