Supporters of a second referendum are fighting amongst themselves on how to package their campaign for the punters, reports


According to a Buzzfeed report, key second EU referendum campaign supporters are at war with each other as to whether they openly become pro-Remain.

And the report says:

"Leaked emails and WhatsApp messages seen by BuzzFeed News reveal that the tensions among leading People’s Vote campaigners have boiled over into outright animosity.

"The bitter internal divisions are centred on a fundamental strategic disagreement over whether People’s Vote should overtly campaign to remain in the EU, BuzzFeed News can reveal. The factional warfare comes to a head as a march is due to take place in London this Saturday, which is being “aggressively” opposed by senior People’s Vote strategists behind the scenes because they feel the event is too overtly pro-EU."

Now, all you have to do is visit the People's Vote campaign website to see that it is a completely overt pro-EU and pro Remain organisation.

There is no balance there, it is all one way thought traffic – Brexit Bad!

And let's look who they partner with:

Open Britain is pro-EU, with the motto 'Keep Britain in the European Union Single market'.

The European Movement UK, which is part of the European Movement International that pushes for a 'democratic, federal, enlarged European Union'. Its president is one Michael Heseltine and vice chair'd by Lord Adonis.

Britain for Europe that just wants the UK to stay in the EU.

Scientists for EU that wants to keep the UK locked inside the EU.

NHS for a People's Vote, which in its Facebook screed calls itself 'NHS against Brexit'.

And don't forget Our Future Our Choice founded by Femi Ulowole.

As well as For Our Future’s Sake, that says on its website:

"Your future's being stolen from you, …… . The majority of young people don’t want Brexit, yet our politicians ignore us and pursue it anyway."

Wales for Europe – the country not the mammals. And it says: "A strong, loud and unified Welsh voice can turn Wales decisively towards Europe".

And finally InFacts – that says it makes the fact based case against Brexit.

No bias in any of that then.

Now I've laboured the point to make sure that you can see why as far as I'm concerned the People's Vote campaign is totally geared up as a Remain based set-up.

And I think the infighting it's suffering from is purely about packaging it for the average voter.

They want, in fact they need, Leave voters to support their campaign too. And they can only get that if they advertise the People's Vote as a non partisan organisation.

And Buzzfeed reports that spin doctor Alastair Campbell is behind the push to try and make the campaign appear neutral. And the report says:

"Allies of Mandelson, Campbell, and Baldwin told BuzzFeed News there were two fundamental reasons they’d been privately calling for People’s Vote not to formally campaign for Remain.

"First, internal polling has shown that the public has more sympathy with calls for a second referendum as a means of breaking the Brexit impasse than it does with those openly seeking to stop Brexit from happening.

"Second, they believe that the campaign for a second referendum will pick up more parliamentary support if it does not explicitly endorse Remain."

But as I say, all you have to do is look at what they do, what they say and who they associate with, in order to see what they are truly about. So I take it they would be prepared to lie about it then. It's all about spin.

So don't get taken in by any attempt in future to sell it as a mere campaign for a second EU referendum. And make sure everyone else is aware of that too.


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