The man who sells drugs to the US for use on death row has been unmasked says the Independent. Although it is admitted that nothing illegal took place much has been made of this and Mehdi Alavi's picture is splashed across their pages.

One supposes that this story is an attempt to stir up some sort of moral feeling of outrage amongst their readers but,  in a country denied a referendum on the death penalty due to real concerns about a 'yes' vote being returned, this is highly unlikely.

What is immoral in one person's eyes may not be immoral in another's. So attempting to claim the high ground on almost any issue is difficult. Mr Alavi presumably followed his own ethics and morals with regard to this issue and also operated within the law. How does that make him bad and 'accused' of anything? Does it make him evil other than in a few peoples' eyes?

If the USA does not get these drugs from one source they will get them from another. Or maybe they would resort to the rope, electric chair or other equally brutal method, would it be ethical to withhold these drugs if we knew this would occur?

What of other items on death row? Uniforms, guns, bullets and even the medical equipment used to make sure the condemned are fully healthy and ready for punishment before they are executed? Do we put mechanisms in place to make sure that absolutely no British made goods find their way there?

Individually we may not agree with it, but a legal deal was done with a legitimate democratic state and vilifying one very minor individual salesman won't change anything.

This also comes on an interesting day when the new Trade Minister Lord Green has reportedly refused to back the UK arms industry. Good of him to put his ethics before other peoples' jobs. What's next? Not supporting UK pharmaceuticals companies because they withhold lifesaving drugs to poor countries on the basis of cost?

Until the New World Order takes over and we have a world government, the UK government's job and that of its agents is to support the UK and the people that live in it. Let's have realism in a real world.

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