Sergeant Shamar Thomas has appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann after he became a world wide YouTube phenomenon for standing up to the NYPD.

24 hours ago the world had no idea who Sgt Thomas was but that has now changed hence the requests by the media to interview him.

The decorated Iraq war veteran who served two tours of the country has now been recognised not just for his service to his country but also for using his outspoken truth confronting the seemingly bullying tactics of the NYPD during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Speaking on Countdown Sgt Shumar Thomas was asked By Keith Olbermann why he went to Times Square on Saturday night to which Sgt Thomas replied "I initially wanted to protest on October 5th when I saw the police brutality and it made me want to get involved more, we have young men and women out here who are trying to inspire change so why would I not want to be part of that."

When asked what was his mind when he spoke to the Police in the manner which he did, Sgt Thomas, who has been on over 50 combat missions, spoke about his time serving in Iraq and his own experiences of being in an Iraq riot situation in 2004.

"We had rocks thrown at us and after the rocks were thrown we didn't go beating up people and arresting people, we kind of treated it with a level of humility."

Sgt Thomas spoke of the New York Police Department brutality he had witnessed during the riots "I saw a cop punching a woman in the face, my family fought for this country for people to have a right and these people are peaceful, I haven't seen a video yet where I've seen them trying to hurt the cops so why are they using batons and sticks, why are they in riot gear when no is trying to riot?"

In light of Sgt Thomas's shared information which exposes the fact that Americans citizens are being treated worse by their own police than hostile persons in war zones, questions are being asked about the nature of the relationship between the state and the banks  who have donated large sums of money to the NYPD prior to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and the billions given by the same banks to fund election campaigns.

Keith Olbermann asked if the cops were listening to him when he addressed them to which Sgt Thams replied "I know for sure they were listening to me, I have no doubt in my mind that they were listening to me."

If every war veteran stood up to be counted as Sgt Shamar Thomas did then these demonstrations would draw to a conclusion much quicker.

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