Having failed to cover themselves in glory in last week’s invention test, the remaining candidates were given the chance to redeem themselves with an almost identical task. On this occasion, Lord Sugar asked them to bring a new condiment to an unsuspecting market, in the hope of finding himself a new Reggae Reggae Sauce. In just two days. Some hope.

It was also time to blur the gender-defined teams with Katy joining (and leading) Phoenix in their quest to create a new table sauce, while the two strongest male candidates, Duane and Nick, bolstering the hapless Team Sterling. Perhaps seeing the opportunity to re-write history, they called their chutney ‘Infusion’ which, frankly, would have been a more appropriate name for the girls team, containing, as it does, volatile elements that dissolve quickly on the application of heat.

Due to the liberal application of chilli, there was certainly enough heat in their sample, rendering it lethal and sending Nick and Jade empty handed to their meeting with a high-end deli chain. ‘I wouldn’t recommend that they tried this product,’ said leader Duane, which, as ringing endorsements go, did not really cut it. They tried to sell it anyway, with inevitable results.

Phoenix focused their attention on the Mediterranean – a region lesser known for its table sauces – by calling their mass-market product ‘Belissimo’ (sic) and putting a red pepper on the label, although it contained no peppers. I’m not making this up, I promise. Still, it was an improvement on the original design, which appeared to be a picture of the Tay Bridge at sunset. In November.

Katy’s decision to entrust Adam and Ricky, the blokiest of blokes, with cooking the ingredients was either going to prove one born of genius or delusion. Once they had produced a sauce the consistency of quicksand and attempted to pour it (sans funnel) into bottlenecks the circumference of thimbles, we had our answer. The result: one-fifth of their stock lost, forcing a premium price tag onto their mid-range sauce.

All of which meant that creative salesmanship was required when approaching retailers. Sadly for them, this role was occupied by Michael, the Mickey Pearce/Billy Mitchell-hybrid who had been notable to date only for his low-profile. It was a task for which Michael’s taciturn approach to sales was fundamentally unsuited, which was a shame, since he seemed a thoroughly decent sort. Too decent for boardroom histrionics, certainly.

The real shame of his sacking, though, was that he didn’t take one of the more boorish elements of Team Phoenix with him.

Week Three Summary

What We Learned: That ‘Can I suggest we taste it?’ is an eminently sensible thing to say during a food-based task. Well done, Jane.

Current Economic Voice Favourite: We’d say Duane again, but that gold gilet he wore at the Silverstone reward made him look like the guy from Cameo. Therefore, Jade.

Likely Next Casualty: If it isn’t Jenna, then someone really has had a stinker.

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