Whatever other accusations could be thrown at the BBC, it is undeniable that they have been right on trend during the current series of The Apprentice. The pattern continued into a sixth week with the teams asked to set up their own mobile restaurants – not the type punting anaemic hotdogs to football fans, but the kind of gourmet eateries that can be found at Hackney’s Broadway Market or Eat.St. at King’s Cross.

With such ready competition on their doorstep, it was a smart move to send the candidates to Edinburgh, a city undergoing culinary re-education of its own making. Not that anyone had bothered to tell Adam. Leading Team Phoenix, he provided us with a window into a mind cluttered with more dated rubbish than Laura’s ‘upcycling’ shop in Week 4. What they eat in Scotland, Adam mused on the train edging him ever closer to rude awakening, is haggis and deep fried Mars bars. This was shortly before he wondered aloud where ‘the trolley dolly’ had got to.

Sadly for him, his team were similarly devoid of inspiration. In need of foodstuffs easily edible on the go, they chose pasta. Requiring a catchy name for their enterprise, they went with ‘Utterly Delicious Meatballs’ (although Stephen missed a trick in not insisting that his gloopy, erratically-spelt ‘Belissimo’ sauce be used as an accompaniment). In search of a pitch for their van, they opted for the Hearts-Rangers football match which kicked off at a lunch-unfriendly 12.30pm in Gorgie, one of the only areas of central Edinburgh yet to undergo gentrification – hardly the place to sell gourmet fare. Which was just as well, since Adam had decided his meatballs should be made from produce most unlikely to deliver on their rather clunky promise.

With opposition like this, Jenna’s Sterling required only a modicum of competence to carry off a convincing victory, providing Lord Sugar the opportunity to remove any number of Adam’s cohorts from proceedings. That he chose just one – Katy, somewhat scapegoated here – was an act of uncharacteristic boardroom benevolence and indulged the rest in another opportunity to rescue their reputations.

Week 6 Summary

Economic Voice Favourite: Having been very shrewd in the junk shop task, Tom displayed the same instincts here. ‘Tis a shame no one listened.

What We Learned: An Englishman abroad can be a nuisance even when he isn’t really abroad.

Next Casualty: Adam. Always Adam.

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