As the years have gone on, the first decade of the millennium has passed  and we are nearly half way through the second, it seems like only yesterday that the thing we call the internet has come about, yet it can’t be denied that it is growing in popularity nearly as fast as the grey hairs are coming on.

With the popularity and use of the internet having expanded, the world is adopting the web more and more every day, with the 50% of global users mark having been hit in late 2012 (see image below).

Internet User Penetration 2000-2015

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It is now possible for a person in nearly any place on the earth to view any information on the internet with minimal effort. Imagine, someone on an isolated place such as the island of Grenada , is able to be able to view what you had for your lunch today, via images on twitter with the click of a few buttons (and a couple of dollars depending on what you had for you lunch of course…). Surely this then means that everyone should now be able adapting to the internet, businesses included?

Well, yes; But many business out there are struggling to figure out whether they want to sell their products online or whether they want to keep it physical, baskets and mortar, therefore having difficulty in deciding whether or not the internet is really in their best interest. This is a fair question to ask yourself while considering the approach you should take when opening up shop.

A clothing brand for example will have to adapt to the internet to give everyone across the globe the opportunity to easily purchase their products; however, a butchers for example will only want to sell their physical products in local stores. This is all well and good but you should always consider that if you are going to sell your products from a physical store, it will always be a good idea to spread the word locally about yourself, in newspapers, advertisements and now most commonly, the internet!

Use the internet to your advantage. Make a great website that looks good and is user friendly for people to have a look on, even if you aren’t selling products. It may be a good idea to let people know about your store by giving details of locations and advertise offers you may have on; You could even give discount codes to users on your website that they can use in-store.

Along with a good website, you’re going to need the right kind of URL, which is the thing that someone types into the address bar at the top of their internet browser. If your company is called Joe Bloggs Butchers, a good URL would be or etc. You need to make sure you get a good domain name, and make sure you check whether the one you are after is still available, someone may have already beaten you to it! You can get a free domain registration on, where you can also check whether the domain is available, and maybe look at some other names that you think may be a better suit to what you are after.

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