A lot of the time I trawl the net looking for stories that on the face of it are not connected but after some analysis you realise they are.

Now, before I go any further I must warn you that clicking on some of the links below will expose you to some rather colourful language (it’s called the open ‘blogpsphere’). So be prepared! But the point is made so well that I must include them for completeness.

These two stories come courtesy of the Blogosphere via Anna Raccoon (http://www.annaraccoon.com/politics/the-righteous-in-full-flood/) and Leg-Iron.

In one it is pointed out that some councils are paying for prostitutes to ‘service’ the disabled [1]. In another a prostitute is given an Anti-Social Beahaviour Order (ASBO)  for offering her services in a legal way. Yes that’s right, what she was doing was apparently not illegal, but as the locals did not like what she was doing she was targeted for ‘anti-social’ not ‘unlawful’ activity. Effectively what was not illegal became outside the law because of what some people thought, not because of law set by parliament.

Now, whatever your views here, there is definitely a lack of ‘joined up thinking’. We have a system that condones the physically disabled having sex supplied for money, but people that could arguably be described as mentally deficient for pursuing the same goal themselves are condemned for having complete physical bodies.

In the middle you have councils that are involved in activities for which others are persecuted and actually wrongly prosecuted.

The ever articulate Leg-Iron puts the matter thus:

The whole business of sex in this country has become bizarre. Five-year-olds getting sex lessons while parents are routinely terrified with pictures of Gary Glitter. Women dressed ever more provocatively while men become more wary of saying 'hello' in case she screams 'Sexual Abuse!' Councils are happy to fork out so the disabled can use prostitutes while banning the prostitutes from prostitution and criminalising their non-disabled customers. Children suspected of being abused are taken into care and put in homes where they can learn what 'abuse' really means.”

We really have become messed up when paying for sex is seen as okay for some but not others. Where the very people ‘they’ wish to force off the streets are being paid for by the same ‘they’ to supply sex for money to the people ‘they’ deem worthy.

The councils concerned should be subject to ASBOs too!

But beware! This proves that the reach of the ASBO is limitless.

It's becoming apparent to me that the ASBO is going to be the new weapon of choice in the hands of the new puritan pecksniffs and prodnoses. Smoking outside your front door? Get an ASBO. Too strict with your kids? Get an ASBO. Not strict enough with your kids? Get an ASBO. Eating too many burgers? Get an ASBO. Prone to getting drunk? Get an ASBO. Taking too many awkward videos of the police beating people? Get an ASBO. Swear in public? Get an ASBO. Blog? Get an ASBO.”

Please read all the articles.

This is what happens when the wrong people are given the ability to judge others using badly thought out and drafted laws. Think about it, one prostitute has her face and name plastered all over the press and internet for her ‘wrong-doings’. Have those that supplied services on behalf of the council suffered the same fate? And how did the councillors approach the prostitutes, kerb-crawling at the tax-payers' expense?

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/7945785/Councils-pay-for-prostitutes-for-the-disabled.html

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