74.6% of AshleyMadison.com members are looking to cheat on their partner with a previous lover

Britain's married couples are busy seeking out ex-lovers for an affair, according to a survey from the world's leading married dating site, AshleyMadison.com. Of the 3422 Ashley Madison married members surveyed, 74.6% said they had contacted at least one ex with a view to hooking up. 30.1% used Facebook to track down old flames whilst 25.4% used a search engine such as Google and 32.7% were re-introduced by mutual friends.

"When expectations are not being met at home and the passion dwindles, it's easy to start fantasizing about having sex with someone else," says Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of AshleyMadison.com. "Rekindling an old relationship is often the first port of call when it comes to infidelity. Finding an ex online is easy, it feels familiar and may not actually seem like cheating; it's the new monogamy."

An ex from university days was the first choice for 39.4% of the men and women surveyed, with 20.6% preferring an old flame from school. The 'deal was sealed' for 32.8%.

"I am not surprised to see so many members getting back together with a lover from university," says Noel Biderman. "It's about nostalgia and what might have been, a time before kids, mortgages, responsibilities and disappointments. But the reality is that that there's more chance of being caught than re-writing history! Relationships with an ex are the most at risk of exposure, most often from an affair partner who hoped for more than a quick fling and becomes jealous of the spouse. That's why people join our site – for discreet online affairs with like-minded strangers to eliminate the dangers that come with having sex with an ex."

55.6% of the survey felt their fling with an ex was at risk of being exposed, by the 'digital lipstick' associated with Facebook, or from the danger of old flame turning jealous and threatening to out the affair to friends and family.

www.AshleyMadison.com was founded by CEO Noel Biderman in Canada in 2002, a new social network concept that is the second fastest growing in the world after Facebook.  Currently the site has over 20 million users in 30 countries including over 803,000 in the UK

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