John McDonnell says "We must oppose TTIP"

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP, spoke out against the free trade deal being negotiated beteen the EU and USA at a rally in London this evening.

John McDonnell said at the #noTTIP rally:

"When this debate starts in the Labour Party, I will be saying clearly: We must oppose TTIP. TTIP will enable the corporations to steal from us even more.

"I think Labour is moving towards a recognition that TTIP cannot be  accepted in a democratic country."

The rally in London was part of a Europe-wide day of action against the EU-USA trade deal. 250,00 people were reported to have marched against TTIP in Berlin.

TTIP by Gary Barker

TTIP © Gary Barker

Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now said:

"In just over a year TTIP has gone from being an obscure set of acronyms, to a political controversy that millions of people across Europe are opposing.  If we value the right of our elected officials to pass legislation without the fear of being sued for billions by the corporate sector, then we need to stop TTIP. If we want to maintain important legal protections of labour rights, the environment and our health, then we need to stop TTIP.  It's great that the opposition parties are starting to stand up to the army of corporate lobbyists at Brussels who are the driving force behind this toxic trade deal."

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