Conservatives are inviting the public to “co-sponsor” a Bill underpinning an EU referendum, to be held before the end of 2017.

The campaign supports James Wharton MP’s EU Referendum Bill as it launches in Parliament.

If successful, the Bill will lead to the first public vote on Europe for 40 years, after a renegotiation for a new deal in the EU.

Co-sponsors will be able to back the Bill using a co-sponsoring form on Facebook, a new innovation for the campaign.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said: ­­­­

‘Conservatives want to give the British people a say.

‘That’s what this new political innovation will help us to do.

‘If you care about giving millions of Brits a vote on Europe for the first time in 40 years, please visit

EU Flag -

EU Flag –

‘Co-sponsor our Bill, and fight for change.’

James Wharton MP said:

‘Fundamentally this is about democracy and trusting the people. We must give the British people a choice on this important issue.

‘I hope that MPs from all sides will back the Bill and show that they back democracy, and the right of their constituents to decide on our future in the EU.’


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