Leaked emails published today reveal that Len McCluskey’s Unite union engaged in an aggressive campaign to rig Labour’s internal inquiry into allegations of selection rigging in Falkirk say the Conservatives.

Despite initially saying that there were ‘serious issues’ and ‘bad practices’ in Falkirk, Ed Miliband backed down to his trade union paymasters, failed to publish Labour’s inquiry and cleared Unite and the suspended individuals of any wrongdoing.

Even Ed Miliband’s proposals to reform Labour’s union link would actually hand more power to union leaders, as former Labour General Secretary Peter Watt has confirmed.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said:

Grant Shapps (Open Govt Licence)

Grant Shapps (Open Govt Licence)

Labour must reopen the Falkirk inquiry immediately. These emails confirm that Unite planned to infiltrate the Falkirk Labour Party to ensure their candidate was selected and, when the inquiry was opened, went so far as to write the statements from key witnesses withdrawing their evidence.

Ed Miliband failed to stand up to the unions in Falkirk and backed down in the face of pressure from Len McCluskey. If he is too weak to stand up to his union bosses and tackle what he himself called ‘bad practices’, how can he stand up for hardworking people?

Even Ed Miliband’s proposals to reform Labour’s union link would more power in Len McCluskey’s hands over Unite’s donations to Labour.

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