Actress and comedienne Sherri Shepherd, raised the question "Where are the black people" on American television program The View when studying the royal wedding footage.

Talking to other panellists on the show Sherri spoke of her surprise to find that the only black people (other than a choir boy) were seated together in segregation away from the other guests and likened it to a "Rosa Parks moment" which clearly makes reference to an incident in 1955 when a 42 year old black civil rights activist called Rosa Parks refused to give in to the demands of a bus driver to give her seat up to a white person.

The observation was made after scanning through footage of the royal wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey with Audrey Jones who is a television producer on The View.

Co-panelist Joy Behar, said the Queen looked like a "bumble bee with a drinking problem" and likened her to a yellow taxi cab who should "keep that meter running" because of her yellow outfit.

Joy also  had a rip into the Queen's  granddaughters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice insinuating their choice of hats for the occasion was very Lady Gaga.

But the original question of "where are the black people?" can be answered quite easily.

They were probably hidden away from Prince Philip just in case he decided to cause an international incident by speaking to them.

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