BREXIT UPDATE: 25th June 2018

The Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Julian Jessop, asks in Brexit Central if it is time to start attaching conditions to our payment of the £39 billion so-called Brexit Divorce bill. Isn’t that the least we should be doing?

Andrew Lilico explains in CapX why the UK would benefit in the short term from a no-deal Brexit that imposes trade barriers and why Airbus is the chief cryer of ‘wolf’.

The Momentum led group ‘Labour for a People’s Vote’ wants to force a vote at the next Labour Party conference to change the Brexit stance taken by Jeremy Corbyn and call for anoption to stay in the EU should voters reject it".

The Independent ran an immigration survey via BMG that finds people want a smarter way than pure arbitrary immigration targets to deal with migration issues.

Richard Partington in the Guardian says that Theresa May must choose between the options of Hard Brexit or a soft to just about non-existent Brexit.

Business leaders in the North East are exasperated with the government’s handling of the UK exit from the EU, reports Jonathan Manning in Chronicle Live.

Liam Fox says that, having waited for forty years for Brexit, he is prepared to accept a longer transition period if required. But this has not gone down well with other Brexiteers.

On the second anniversary of the EU Referendum on Saturday, senior cabinet ministers said that the UK is prepared to exit from the Brexit talks without a deal.

Boris Johnson is quoted as saying that the UK should not accept a “bog roll Brexit” which was just “soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long”, but go for a “full British Brexit”.

Sarah Smith of the BBC Sunday Politics destroyed the claims of an anti-Brexit campaigner that the majority of UK voters now wanted a new EU referendum.

Former social security secretary and brand new member of the House of Lords, Peter Lilley, has said that the UK has under-invested in UK training and has called for a “skills revolution”.

While Sky News reports that about 100,000 people attended an anti-Brexit march in London, it’s political editor, Lewis Goodall, says that Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of interest in it may well cost him political capital because the famous chant was now “Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?

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