Please don't leave this to other people in the hope it will be done. Please take a stand and sign the petition for a referendum on the future, or not, of the House of Lords.

Now, we have all recently witnessed the Machiavellian anti-democratic machinations of the House of Lords, where peers have effectively aligned themselves with the EU against the people of the UK.

This sparked a lot of anger and a petition to the government and parliament was started to give us, the ordinary people, a referendum on abolishing the House of Lords.

This petition has now gained in excess of 150,000 signatures, far more than the 100,000 needed to initiate a debate in parliament on the subject. And that debate is now scheduled for Monday the 18th June 2018, but we need more signatures!

Why? Because our good Lords may well feel invulnerable to this move to get rid of them. Not for historical reasons, not for constitutional reasons, not for ceremonial reasons etc etc but for the reason of the patronage such an outdated institution offers to those that toe the line as they smarm their way up the political greasy pole.

These Lords know that many politicians and civil servants eye a seat on the red benches as a nice place to end their careers.

Those who aspire to a position that can open doors previously closed to them, or gives them social standing as well as paying £300 a day just for turning up for a snooze, look at the House of Lords as the ultimate prize.

And to get there, you have to do and say the right things for and to the right people. you have to fit the mould – that's mould with or without a letter U by the way.

And there isn't much us little people can do to influence that! So we proles have no say in who does or does not help form the laws which we have to abide by.

There is however a route that can be followed under the current system – and that is the nominations process.

Did you know that anyone can nominate someone for a peerage?

I've left a link to the page in the description box below where you can see how this works – but once the nomination is in then you're in the lap of the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Can you see them appointing a Lord Farage for example, even with much public support?

Anyway, any system that relies on a panel of the good and worthy to select our lawmakers is far from democratic.

No, what we need is root and branch reform of the UK political structure and that should start with the abolition of the House of Lords!

But, even though a debate is scheduled it would be easy for those debating it to make excuses to maintain the status quo, after all they could be next to find themselves in ermine, if they think the right way, couldn't they?

So we must keep the pressure on! It is imperative that the numbers of signatures on this petition swells and swells, until it cannot be simply brushed off as an aberration!

So, can I ask you please to do your part and circulate the petition as far and wide as possible – let's get together and achieve real change!

Now to the Brexit Irish border question.

It turns out that the trip Michel Barnier made to Northern Ireland didn't have the result required by the EU.

Ulster Unionist City Councillor and Secretary General of the European Young Conservatives, Alexander Redpath, said that far from being an opportunity to hear views on the border the trip ended up with heightened tensions and alienation of Northern Ireland's unionist community.

Writing in Brexit Central Mr Redpath says that:

"At the heart of Unionists’ concerns is the perceived threat to Northern Ireland’s constitutional position being posed by the EU."

And Mr Barnier did not help because, Mr Redpath writes:

"Mr Barnier used his trip to reiterate the Commission’s red line on the Irish border. Barnier again confirmed that the Commission would not approve a final deal without an agreed back stop position on the Irish border. The proposed backstop would keep Northern Ireland effectively within the EU and erect a customs and regulatory barrier within the United Kingdom."

He also says that the cynical rejection of every UK proposal to make the border work as seamlessly as possible gives the lie to the EU's claim that it is open to ideas on the issue.

"The only alternative the Commission will accept to Northern Ireland remaining in the Customs Union is for the UK as a whole to agree a Customs Union with the EU. This seems increasingly unlikely, given the attitude of Cabinet Ministers." Writes Redpath.

So all this does, is make a no-deal Brexit more likely and the EU cheerleaders in the Republic of Ireland have the most to lose here. But Alexander Redpath says that this seems to be a risk the EU Commission is prepared to take to try and force the UK to do their bidding.

So, it seems that the anti-Brexit weaponisation of the Irish border continues.

Now, yesterday saw a huge expression of free speech, when many thousands of peaceful protesters marched through London in support of the freedom to express oneself.

But, the press such as the Guardian and Metro, have decided that free speech is now a far-right thing.

"Thousands march in 'free speech' protest led by rightwing figures", screams the Guardian headline.

"Far-right and anti-fascist protesters face off at ‘freedom of speech’ rally" howls the Metro, with the last line in the article being about the one person arrested was for a public order offence and drug possession. Not much of a face off there then.

Now, you only have to watch the emerging YouTube videos to see the truth. Thousands upon thousands of free speech supporters peacefully making their point with no sign of the scant handful of those opposing the march who were supposedly there.

Now, what Wally protests against free speech? Who are these Twonks?

I'll tell you which Twonks do that – Twonks who think that, only the 'correct' speech – as decided by them – can be allowed to be free, that's who.

What those idiots haven't hoisted in, is that those marchers who they have so dismissively branded as 'far-right', were also marching for their right to free speech too!

Either they can't see that or they refuse to see it – ah well!

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