On last night's Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell looked even more plastic than usual with his complete lack of wrinkles and ability to perform facial expressions from the cheekbones up.

Even Cowell's anger aimed towards the judges for their choice of acts put through appeared unconvincing. He ended up looking like a Top Shop mannequin trying to take the position of alpha male at a Mr Universe competition.

Simon Cowell's trademark wink of approval has turned into the squint of indeterminable origin on last nights show raising the question of what has gone wrong with Simon's face.

Well either Cowell has had a mini stroke (which is a serious matter and not one to poke fun at), Cheryl Cole has put a hex on him or he has overdosed on Botox.

The  latter explanation does seem the most likely even though the thought of Cheryl Cole trying to read a spell out in a coven of witches is most amusing, "I cursuz youz Simon so eey canee see proper, soo moot ut bee."

According to The Mail, a contact within the show said "Simon had overdone things a little with the Botox and it soon showed up on camera – especially as we film in high definition, which is particularly unforgiving.

'During the break between shows, the producers were quick to change the lighting over the judging panel.

'Simon was not happy.'"

Did 51 year old Simon get a moments insecurity as he caught his reflection in shop window setting into motion a sequence of events, which resulted in him going into a beauty clinic in some back street in LA (above a hairdressers called Botox by Debz) where he was injected with Botox by a visually impaired meth addict?

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