51 year old Simon Cowell fears for his life after receiving numerous death threats from irate X Factor wannabe rejects that he has ditched from the show.

The man who has the power to propel ordinary members of the general public to super-stardom is making provision for such an attack and turning his LA pad into Fort Knox by erecting high security fences, CCTV monitoring and lighting and extra security to keep out pesky talentless people X factor rejects from his divine presence.

"People want to kill me, My bosses told me they have been shown e-mails threatening my life. They said one man wanted to stab me" said Cowell, the man with the golden wink.

Cowell went on to prove how hard he is by saying "It sent a chill down me. But I'm used to it."

Well, he's right there, he got some death threats back in 2008 [1] from Islamic extremists for his UK show supporting British troops.

Simon gets over 500 hate letters a week from disgruntled people who take offence to the multi-millionaire music industry cancer mogul.

With Cheryl Cole now 100% confirmed as a judge on the X Factor panel it looks like the American X Factor hopefuls will at least get a fair chance for their talent and abilities to be dissected by someone with genuine talent……cough!

[1] www.imnotobsessed.com/2008/10/22/death-threats-for-simon-cowell-and-the-x-factor-by-islamic-extremists/

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