So the Americans have been booted out of the Big Brother house, the nation yet again turned its face away from the troubles of the world and tuned into the meaningless reality television show that masquerades as entertainment.

Hopefully this is the last celebrity big brother and hopefully the next non celeb Big Brother will be the last. For some reason or other, the British public did not like Sisqo or Stephen Baldwin so out they went leaving King Vinnie in charge of the Big Brother house.

Maybe the Public are not interested in Stephen Baldwin preaching a set of religious beliefs that contradict our life in 21st century Britain.

The moral degradation that has become the collective experience of society is a million miles away from the teachings of the Bible and our path as a society shows no signs of turning back from cultural depravity through an en-mass rebellion against Christ's teachings.

Then there was Sisqo whose evidently rather large bulge left the jealous males of Britain rather angry at this American for being well endowed. This was flaunted in front of the camera by Big Brother but Sisqo himself seemed a little  uncomfortable in the task. But presimanbly BB hope that the wives and girlfriends across the nation were gasping at the barely contained lunch box.

What ever the reason for the evictions, all it did was drag our attention away from the really big and important news.

I wish we had a Dunkirk style flotilla of ships with aid and provisions heading for Haiti organised by the people of Britain in small communities demonstrating their love and compassion for their fellow man. But its difficult to organise such exercises with so much good quality television (Cough!) to watch.

We must get rid of this 'Let them eat cake' philosophy when it comes to the rest of the world that is surreptitiously lurking at the core of our collective morality, or are we a nation of Marie Antoinettes?

Dig deep tonight for Hope for Haiti then buy two copies of the charity single and help your brothers and sisters in need.

Do you need to buy the next release from some tripe girl band with almost no talent or do you need to buy a single that may or may not be a great work of art but will at least save lives and bring hope to a nation in desperation?

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