Veteran director Francis Ford Coppola returns to both his indie roots and a love of horror stories with the trailer for his forthcoming self penned feature Twixt now arriving on-line.

The film maker spent his formative years working for Roger Corman in the sixties and like many of the films Corman made during that era, Coppola’s new spine tingler seems strongly influenced by the writings of that old master Edgar Allan Poe.

The eerily staged, slightly ghoulish and rather lengthy footage has an almost midnight and dreamlike quality about proceedings and finds hack writer Hal Baltimore (Val Kilmer) unlocking the dark secrets of a small town where he encounters the ghostly incarnation of a dead girl (Elle Fanning in a seemingly trancelike state) and crosses paths with an aging law enforcer (Bruce Dern as yet another misfit), who seems only too willing to spill the beans on the dark and troubled past of the local residents.

There also seems to be a slight nod to both fellow director David Lynch (via Twin Peaks) and the writings of that modern master Stephen King whilst Joanne Whalley and Ben Chaplin (interestingly cast as Edgar Allan Poe) provide acting support.

The first footage premiered at the San Diego Comic Con convention in July 2011 and the film itself is due to be premiered at the forthcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

Coppola has hinted that the movie may be taken on the road with a possible live score accompanying a presentation that will combine both 2D and 3D whilst the eventual final cut of the film may be influenced by the feedback gained from initial audiences.

At present a general release date has not been indicated.

The rather atmospheric and Gothic trailer may be seen here:

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