In any business big or small, the safety of data is paramount. Any compromise of information thanks to unauthorised access could spell a great deal of trouble for any new company, and there needs to be an adequate system in place to prevent this from happening.

Because the internet is such a powerful business tool, any company can reap the benefits of using it. Networking, contacts and brand awareness can all be achieved by correct use of internet services – but being secure online isn’t always a given.

Glowing Mouse (PD)

Glowing Mouse (PD)

Online attacks can be prevented by following the basic rules of staying safe online:

Install a good virus program

For most small businesses, a basic anti-virus package is all that is required when it comes to preventing infections of software. You can find a wealth of free anti-virus software online, but it’s advisable to go the extra mile and pay for professional anti-virus software.

In addition, programs such as malwarebytes offer secure backup in addition to malware protection. A program like that can detect malware and remove it quickly and safely as well as protecting computers against Trojans, worms and spyware.

Network security

The security of an internal network can be compromised if your small business hasn’t taken the appropriate measures to protect it.

According to a network administrator, the access to certain data can be limited to certain employees, and requires a password system to achieve this.

The implementation of a firewall further protects an internal company network from infiltration – however, firewalls are sometimes not enough, and network security does require anti-virus software or intrusion prevention systems to inhibit malware.

File and log monitoring

For more advanced protection, it’s worth considering log monitoring and log management. Designed to identify early signs of security breaches, programs such as StormAgent provide a comprehensive security log alert and effectively speeds up the discovery of threats to the network. StormAgent’s global dashboard provides an at-a-glance, risk-based overview of critical network hosts and assets.

Network managers can use StormAgent as a file monitoring tool, and set up alerts whenever changes to files are made. Unusual activity can therefore be identified quickly, and potential security breaches stamped out before they occur.

In addition, archived reports can be accessed and assessed easily.


Adequately training your staff and yourself in computer and internet security will give additional peace of mind. By being able to identify potentially harmful sites, employees can greatly reduce their computer’s exposure to potential security threats.

Every day, companies big and small find themselves in the unenviable position of having to deal with a hack. With breaches of cyber security becoming ever more common and viruses becoming ever more complex, it’s never been a better time for small businesses to equip themselves with adequate protection.

As the company grows, it becomes more and more important to protect data and the integrity of any software. Keeping up to date with anti-virus software and keeping in the know about the sort of threats that are out there doesn’t take too much time to implement, and pays for itself in many ways.

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