Just as the seeds of doubt were being sown in the minds of the public over the causes of climate change, or whether it was really happening, along comes a new ‘threat’ – never ending smog.

It seems that we must now be ready for a constant stream of Saharan dust spoiling our air quality along with warnings about not engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Then, when the smog clears, we will probably be told that it’s hidden somewhere with the rising global temperature (that hasn’t actually increased in the last 17 years or so). So now it won’t be the ever increasing temperatures and rising water levels that we must pay taxes to stop, it will be the threat to our air quality. The greatest prize of the taxman will have been achieved – taxation of the very air we breathe.

Fit this in with what Lord Monkton, the UK Independence Party’s climate change spokesman, said at the UKIP conference in Torquay on 28th February 2014 (video below) and you can see a reason as to why this change in tack towards the target of smog being the danger, may be happening.

There will be those who instantly grasp at the '97% of scientists agree that climate change is happening and it’s man-made'. But the author David Craig wrote a piece last year – “The claim that “98% of scientists agree that humans are causing global warming” is a blatant lie” – pointing out why, in his opinion, this claim is totally false.

Lord Monkton 28-02-2014Then Mr Cook’s group did something very clever/dishonest (delete as appropriate). They took out the 8,269 papers which didn’t take a position. That left 3,933 papers which possibly endorsed the AGW theory and just 78 which rejected it. So suddenly you have just 4,011 papers which expressed an opinion and of these 3,933 (98%) could be interpreted as endorsing the AGW theory. This is madness. This is an absurd abuse of all mathematical and scientific processes.” He wrote.

We must remember that smog is not a new phenomenon, but the word used to refer to local pollution not being cleared out by the weather. The word is now being used to define weather bringing pollutants in.

Also remember that winds blow across the Sahara and carry dust around the world all the time. Let’s not be whipped up into a frenzy of demanding immediate action over an isolated or rare event – as some would have us do.

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