As the usual panic sets it because we have a few inches of snow, it is symptomatic of how the welfare state has enfeebled the country. Somebody must be found to take responsibility for this thing called ‘Winter’.

It started last night. The old were told not to panic over heating their homes because the Government are going to give them a couple of extra quid, so that’s a relief.

Don't travel unless you have to. People have to get to work to earn money to pay their mortgages, their bills, the fifty per cent that they have to hand over to the State every month/week. So of course people have to travel.

Why has 'somebody' not done 'something' about the snow?! What like passing legislation against it?

Why have the gritters not been at work since June? Because it’s pointless putting grit on deep snow, plus our local authorities are no longer allowed to have ad hoc arrangements with local construction companies to clear the snow. That is now the job of forty six Quangos. Plus we as a nation have decided that keeping the roads clear and having adequate volunteer emergency services are not as important as paying hundreds of thousands of public servants doling out benefits to the raft of claimants who never have struggled to get to work.

I have just taken a call from a colleague who wanted to talk to somebody sane. All the staff members at her place of work are kicking off that the 'management' should have done something about the snow- like what? It’s just not safe under Health and Safety Rules y'know. Emails are flying about how unfair it is. Somebody driving in the company car park collided with another car. A straight forward case of not driving with regard to the prevailing conditions. This joker wants compensation.

I have given lifts to people to get to work in my politically incorrect 4×4, two weeks ago one of these people was tut-tutting about me personally causing 'global warming'.

Its called Winter, It is nobody's fault, the Government cannot legislate against it. You cannot get immediate compensation via It is in circumstances like this you truly see the mindset that has been warped by sixty years of welfarism.

Just pick up a shovel, go and clear some snow and stop waiting for the 'State' to sort it out for you.

Andrew Withers

Party Treasurer and Deputy Leader the UK Libertarian Party

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