Snow is likely to hit Britain as North to North West winds from the North Pole and Scandinavia blow the cold weather towards us.

Scotland may see some snow first later today continuing through to the rest of the country driven by strong winds.

Some parts of the country will experience night time temperatures of down to -4C but the night time temperatures will feel more like -7C with the wind chill factor and -3C in the daytime wind.Snow

Temperatures will top at around 13C today and 7C tomorrow with two inches of snow expected in Scotland and the North.

Higher ground in Wales should get a splattering of Snow as will he Midlands and South West but all should be cleared by Friday morning as Westerly winds blow milder air across the country.

Cash strapped councils are on alert with limited reserves of salt for gritting which must last the full winter and spring. This dilemma over whether to grit or not so early in the year could lead to transport problems both public and private.

So it could be an idea to check on your elderly and disabled neighbours to whom the cold weather is no laughing matter.

A simple phone call or visit to see if there they are OK or need any shopping may be a slight inconvenience to yourself but it could mean the difference between life an death to them.

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