Herman Van Rompuy, the first long term and full time President of the European Council, has admitted to a select group of civil servants and business people that the “man in the street” has been misled over the Euro for years.

According to the Express, Rompuy openly says that people were told that the Euro would make their lives easier, but not that it tied the whole region tightly together in one single common monetary destiny.

This admission will of course come as no surprise to all the Eurosceptics out there. After all, it is what they’ve been saying for decades. So not everyone was fooled, just enough to get the whole thing started.

But who said it and when is important as are the questions why and why now?

The cat has truly been let out of the bag. But Rompuy’s revelation (if it can be called that) just puts the official seal of approval on the whole project. “It was always going to be thus” he is saying.

What may be being cooked up is a big push for more political alignment within the Eurozone. In truth there is only one real way out of this mess. It is no good tinkering at the edges hoping each country will act for the benefit of the whole. More central command and control is required. That means the Euroland countries handing their individual control over tax and spend to some central authority.

This central control is what the Eurozone is being lined up for. Their futures are now so intertwined and so much money is committed to it that there is no way back. Or so the logic will go.

The end result would be that no state within the Eurozone could decide unilaterally how much to spend on their health and social services or even on defence. At that point the states cease to exist as separate entities. Exactly as Eurosceptics have always predicted. And anyone looking for the EU ‘OFF’ button or some sort of brake will find there isn’t one.

But what is strange is that at the same time any extraction from the EU is deemed too hard and complicated to achieve, we talk quite openly of devolution within the UK as something that could quite easily happen. A bit of Doublethink there?

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