Just watch the video below to see European Union democracy in action. And every single one of those laws that gets passed via this chaos becomes effective in the UK. Unless you believe the LibLabCon Europhiles who say they don’t affect the UK, just the people who live in Never Never Land.

This is just an exercise in rubber stamping that treats true democracy with a terrifying disdain.

Not only do they rush the procedure and seemingly not bother counting the votes properly, the chairman just wants to get the whole sordid affair over so that everyone can get off home.

This has been going on for years and we just keep swallowing whatever detritus is excreted from this awful undemocratic establishment.

How on earth can this low-grade slapdash procedure be justified unless it is just not that important to those that purport to govern us?

Those UKIP MEPs calling this establishment an undemocratic piece of window dressing are of course absolutely right. ‘It is so important that we get more involved in this’ say all those LibLabCon MEPs with their serious straight faces; the truth is that we need to extricate ourselves out of this utter shambles as quickly as possible. Not that it really is a shambles, it is of course part of the European Federalist plan to disenfranchise the people as completely as possible and get them used to being told what to do and what laws they will obey.

Thank goodness for the people of UKIP who tirelessly point out democratic deficits such as this – to the growing number of people who will listen.

On the first of November things can only get worse when member states lose their vetoes and qualified majority voting (QMV) takes effect. The Europhiles just cannot wait to hand over the political control of the UK to anyone other than the people who were born, live and work in the UK.

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