Our Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, takes a trip to China and goes native. Listening to the video (below) it seems that George Osborne thinks that the UK has lost its way and ambition and should learn a thing or two from the Chinese. Well, he would know having held the purse strings since the last election wouldn't he?

What ambitions are these that we've lost? Let's go through a few shall we?

• The ambition to get a good steady education for our children and not have the system changed at the whim of politicians that completely throws the future of our offspring into the realms of uncertainty.

• The ambition that, should we choose not to go to university, we do not end up on a scrapheap.

• The ambition to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our society are properly cared for when necessary.

• The ambition to live in a country that does not have to copy 'sweatshops' in order to survive.

• The ambition that our nation's gold or assets, such as the Royal Mail, are not sold off at bargain basement prices to big investors.

• The ambition that we won't be drawn into another nation's conflict on some spurious excuse when all we do is rain terror down on the 'collateral' innocent in shock and awe attacks.

• The ambition that our politicians won't spray our money about on vanity projects like green energy and HS2 at the cost of the economy as a whole.

• The ambition to live in a country where the words 'racist' and 'racism' aren't used as catcalls to stifle debate.

Backing Britain by Roger Green (PD)• The ambition to own our own modest homes at a reasonable price, not have to pay through the nose for them just to keep the banks solvent.

• The ambition to rent a home when we need to without having to pay a king's ransom for the privilege.

• The ambition to live in a country that will help individuals in the same way as it bails out banks.

• The ambition to work to better ourselves knowing that the wage can be lived on.

• The ambition to be taught, cared for, policed and defended by selfless dedicated professionals who feel respected and well equipped.

• The ambition for our politicians to legislate and operate on behalf of the people of the UK and the UK only.

But the biggest ambition is that we all live in a fair society, the fairer it is the more likely we are to want to stay and work to keep it that way. And this is where politicians could really make a difference by asking themselves the question 'is this law we are proposing to pass fair to all?'

Maybe Mr Osborne your ambitions and those of your political colleagues of all strains are out of kilter, maybe you've lost your ambition to listen to the ordinary person on our streets.


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