The social media revolution is not only about staying connected it is also inspiring younger people to get out and vote.

In the 2008 US presidential elections less than half of those aged 18-24 bothered to vote. But now that 98% of this age group are engaged in some form of social media recent studies indicate that those who see that their social media peers have voted are then more likely to vote themselves as this infographic from shows:

Infographic no longer available.

Twice as many young Americans are on social media now than voted in the 2008 US presidential elections.

But a study of the 2010 congressional elections by the University of California showed that sharing ‘I voted’ with peers in the end generated some 340,000 more votes.

No wonder then that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been inspired to go social themselves. But Obama has the distinct edge with 31 million Facebook Likes compared to Romney’s 11 million and Obama’s 21 million Twitter Followers over Romney’s paltry 1.5 million.

And according to a Nielsen study, the candidate that is most frequently mentioned in social media wins elections 75% of the time! The message is clear.

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