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Spending in the run up to Christmas

Spending in the run up to Christmas
November 7th, 2013
Author: Jeff Taylor

In the run up to Christmas many people will be under huge pressure to spend which, for many, will mean racking up credit card debt.

For some this will result in a mountain of unsustainable debt purely for the pleasures of what is in reality just one day of the year.

The video below from Independent Media News gives some real life examples of what this can lead to as well as a few tips on how to keep Christmas spending under control.

No-one’s asking you to go through the festive period like a latter day pre-enlightened Scrooge, but just ask yourself when looking back on Christmases past whether all that expenditure had really been worth it. What could you have bought in the January sales for the same money.

I wonder how people would look on how much they spent in the run-up to that one day considering that, after Christmas lunch, a good proportion of us spend an hour or so snoozing on the sofa.

And, at the end of the day, Christmas maybe about giving but it is not about putting yourself in financial trouble for the rest of the year. If the people you know judge you only by what you spend on Christmas then get to know new people who are happier when you give of yourself, not of your bank account and credit cards.

Christmas Tree by Malene Thyssen

Christmas Tree by Malene Thyssen

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