By popular demand those clever chaps over at Spitfire Audio have released Felt Piano to add to their exciting new Producer Portfolio range.

Readers will know that I am on a personal crusade to bring Spitfire Audio's VST products to a wider audience and I am positively evangelical on their releases.


Because as a musician I have waited over 25 years to hear such quality deep sampled instruments that blur the distinction on the origin of the audio you are listening to and Felt Piano is a prime example of this.

Felt Piano is an absolute dream to play, manipulate then listen back to in a mix and as soon as you touch the keys there is an instrument of great warmth and character immediately at your fingertips that will not just mean you can approach existing piano parts in a new way but will inspire new compositions as this one has.

As per always the team at Spitfire have used the world's best for the job of  performance in the deep sampling and this time it is internationally celebrated pianist, Gwilym Simcock at the keys.

Using Spitfire Audio's VSTs you find that your performance improves and that is not just down to the quality of the recording that uses the best microphones money (all recorded at 96k) can buy but the choice of musicians means that what is actually being captured is second to none in tonality from the performance side.

Keyboard and hand © The Economic VoiceThe instrument description in question is self explanatory….really do I have to?

I still like the Soft Piano in Spitfire Audio's wonderful Spitfire Labs (which have some very interesting looking new additions) section for it's uniqueness so I highly recommend purchasing that as well in the Lab section not just for the simple fact that all proceeds from Spitfire Labs go straight to UNICEF but because for the price of a pint you can purchase a very unique instrument.

Okay it isn't as versatile, warm or as pretty sounding as the Felt Piano but it extends your palate and I can see uses for both simultaneous in a track for tonal difference.

So I had a quick bash at recording it and decided to push it a little to see what it would sound like at different tempos, velocities etc. whilst leaving some of the pedal noise in and the video below (nice highly controllable feature) is the end result.

I could imagine it would sit well with the Albion, British Modular Library strings, Percussion and Hans Zimmer Percussion VSTs also from Spitfire HINT HINT!!!!!!! because the warm mid range of the piano would be a delight to mix in to many projects especially for breakdowns.

Felt Piano is brilliant, Spitfire Audio have done it agian…so off you go and download it.

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