How many times have you looked at a girl (usually) and thought to yourself that "she must have sprayed those jeans on"? Well those clever bods at the Imperial College London have come up with the real thing, spray on clothing from a can.

The Telegraph also has a report with a video of a girl getting a spray on T-shirt.

The end result looks a bit rough at the moment but you have to start somewhere. I expect the scientists involved, Dr Manel Torres and Professor Paul Luckham, have had and will have many hours of spraying clothes on naked bodies in pursuit of the perfect concoction.

The liquid spray hardens on contact with the body when the solvent that keeps it liquid evaporates and then it actually becomes a reusable garment.

It is hoped that this type of material could be used to coat items such as furniture or even provide a quick and efficient method of applying medical dressings.


This will make a fortune out of the clubbing fraternity. It could also help protect footballers from their shirt grabbing opponents.

It also solves problems for the absent minded. Those that get dressed then remember that they forgot to put their undies on first. Undo the odd strategically placed button or zip, one spray can and Bob's your uncle! All safely cocooned once again.

But beware the pranksters. You will wake up in the morning and your house is clothed in Harris Tweed (including the windows) and your car looks like it's covered in a gaudy blanket.

It would also give Banksy a whole new lease of life. Not just the walls, he could hire himself out as a high class clothier to the rich and famous.

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