Richard Stephenson, Director of Corporate Affairs at AXA UK, comments on the impending St Jude storm due to hit the UK on the evening of 27 October:

"The impending so-called St Jude Storm, due to hit large parts of the UK this evening, is predicted by the Met Office to be one of the worst storms in years. If the Met Office is proven to be correct, this could pose significant risks to those members of the public due to be impacted by St Jude. Extreme weather in recent years, such as the Cumbrian floods in 2009, has resulted in hundreds of millions of pounds worth of damages and this storm is likely to cause widespread damage to property and local infrastructure.

It is important that those people and households likely to be adversely impacted by these extreme meteorological events prepare themselves appropriately. AXA recommends the following actions in order to mitigate the dangers posed by the coming storm:

• Put together an emergency kit in case you're stuck in your home – you could include waterproof clothes, non-perishable food, bottled water and any medication that you take

• Have a battery-powered radio for local alerts

• Keep your mobile phone fully charged – and make sure you have useful numbers that you may need

• It's always a good idea to keep important documents, including insurance policies, upstairs in your home or at a high level, preferably in a waterproof container

• Make sure you know how to shut-off gas, electricity, oil-fired heating and water, even in the dark

• Sand bags, flood sacks, door guards and air brick covers can also stop or slow water getting into your home. A good DIY store should stock these items

• Please make sure your home is well maintained to prevent leaks as damage due to wear and tear may not be covered"

Cyclone Friedhelm 2011 by easylocum

Cyclone Friedhelm 2011 by easylocum

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