Stacey Solomon has been crowned Queen of the Jungle and won I'm a celebrity… get me out of here, she has also re-won  the nation's hearts for a second time in the theatre of reality television.

The first time Stacey Solomon graced our screens was in last years X Factor and was nicknamed 'Dagenham Stacey' by the press because her name is Stacey and she grew up in yep you got it….Dagenham.

What was immediately evident from watching those old YouTube videos of her audition on X Factor is that her voice doesn't match her demeanour or personality.

Her singing voice is smooth, bold, sensual and captivating, but Stacey is awkward in her demeanour and far from confident. It's like giving Darth Vader the voice of Keith Harris's Orville.

But poor old Stacey didn't win X Factor and found herself on I'm a Celebrity in order to maximise her publicity before she disappears into obscurity as the glow from X Factor fame wears off.

But she won.

Yes there is a special magical ingredient that Stacey Solomon has which transcends the normal prerequisite for celebrity status.

Most (not all) celebrities who have emerged from reality television are brash, crude, arrogant and loud and this behaviour from these sub-celebs became so endemic it almost seemed to be the blueprint for would be reality celebrity behaviour.

Then along came Dagenham Stacey like Tinker Bell spreading this magical fairy dust everywhere.

So what is this magical ingredient that Stacey Solomon has in abundance which other celebrities are so lacking?

Well aside from the fact that she is a very attractive lass I think it is a combination of factors.

She is humble beyond words, there are no heirs and graces her, she is filled with an innocent joy that is infectious yet her tears are so real that they could be said to embody sadness.

In other words her humanity is quite overwhelming and this makes her the most important reality television star we have seen because Stacey Solomon sets a precedent and that precedent is that celebrity need not equate to vulgarity.

Like many others I have had enough of these scummy, fake, plastic reality television stars and socialites who litter our media and remove from society and add nothing.

They aren't even attractive with their rehearsed catwalk posture and poses and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of surgery, make-up and styling yet most are without doubt some of the most boring and annoying people it has been my deepest pleasure to have never met.

I was once asked which 6 people would have to dinner if I had the choice out of every person who ever lived.

Well discounting loved ones who have passed away I replied it would have to be Spike Milligan, Syd Barrett, J.R.R.Tolkien, Groucho Marx,  C.S. Lewis and Jesus.

If I had the option of adding one other to the list it would have to be Stacey Solomon.

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