The Young Greens are pushing for thousands of young people to register to vote today to mark National Voter registration day.

The 5th February action day – the anniversary of the 1832 Great Reform Act – seeks to get 250,000 new people on the register after youth organisation Bite The Ballot estimate that 3.8 million who could be registered to vote in the 2015 election may not be. Just 56% of 18-24 year olds were registered at the 2010 general election, and only 44% voted.

Anyone can easily register to vote at About My Vote, or alternatively can download the voter registration form [1], and you can find your local electoral registration office here.

Siobhan MacMahon, Young Greens co-chair, said:

National Voter Registration Day is an important time for young people to stand up and be counted. Registering to vote is simple and easy, but millions of young people currently are missing out on having their say.

With high youth unemployment, increased tuition fees and the scrapping of EMA, it’s vital that young people use what voice they have to stop and reverse the attacks on the young by this right-wing government. With threats to under-25 housing benefit, scholarships and the education system at the next election, now is the time for people to engage and say ‘enough is enough’. We encourage everyone to take 10 minutes and sign up to be able to exercise their democratic rights.

The Green Party is committed to opposing austerity which hits the poor and young hardest, and to supporting votes at 16, cheap transport, introducing a Living Wage and providing free education for all – not just for the wealthy. All these things require people turning out at the ballot boxes in 2015 – and in this May’s European elections – to make their mark.”

National Voter Registration Day

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