The man whose diction at aged 5 puts to shame that of Jordan (even if she lives until 10,000 years of age), has split up with his long term partner of the past 14 years.

Stephen Fry and Daniel Cohen are no longer a couple according to pretty much every news source known to mankind (providing they print trash).

But that is not all.

It is increasingly looking like Stephen Fry has found a new relationship with young actor Steven Webb so you can expect Steven and Stephen matching towels in the en-suite bathroom of Mr Fry's house.

Best wishes to all involved and huge commiserations to Daniel Cohen, mind you from what I can gather he may be the sole recipient to the proceeds of the sale of  Fry's West Hampstead house errrm and he must keep his gob shut about the relationship thanks to a confidentiality agreement of the binding variety.

Stephen's alleged new lurve interest who he has been spotted out and about with is much younger than him and shorter because Stephen is hugely tall and Steven is erm not so tall blah blah blah blah.

That's about as important and interesting as it gets.

Who cares?

And why is this non-news regarded as important? maybe I should start a new news publication all about 2 pieces of chicken and report and update on a daily basis the latest news of their decay whilst sealed in in a glass box with a web cam broadcasting all subtle changes.

Then maybe I could introduce a fly into the glass box and see what would happen next (sounds a bit like Big Brother). I am sure the suspense will be unbearable.

Lets face it, to most people the importance of this new publication would be equal to that of the love life of a man they have never met.

I immensely enjoy  Stephen Fry and his exploits on the television, he is amusing and witty with a vocabulary that most people need 2 brains to hold but I care about his love life about as much as he cares about mine and he has almost certainly never heard of me.

So all in all…..writing this article has bored me senseless as I am sure it has for you reading it.


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