France's finance minister, Christine Lagarde, has told Eric Cantona to stick to playing with his balls. Footballs that is.

The well known karate kicking footballer has obviously irked the finance minister with his calls for a bank run in France on 7th Dec 2010. That's next Tuesday.

As you will no doubt already be aware, Eric Cantona stars in a short Youtube video clip saying that the way to hurt the banks is to just take your money out all together on a single day. This has been taken up by 'Stop Banque', which has over 10,000 fans on its Facebook site.

"Mr Cantona is no stranger to controversy. He is a great footballer, but I'm not sure we need to pay heed to all his suggestions,"said Ms Lagarde "Each to their own. There are those who play football magnificently, and I would not dare to try. I think it's best for everyone to stick to their own speciality."

The French banking Federation have said nothing about the proposed event.

I wonder how much they would have said if he had come out in support of the actions of the banks?

One assumes that politicians and senior bankers expect that, apart from a very isolated minority, people will go about their Christmas preparations and not even be aware of this. Or if they are aware to be too apathetic to do anything.

The banks will of course have contingency plans in place to ensure the people that do turn up can be quickly given their cash. To not do this would cause rumour to flash through the internet. The banks biggest nightmare would be for just one or two branches of the same bank to be filmed with large queues out the door plastered all over Youtube.

Anyone with serious amounts of dosh in a bank will not want to move it and will decry a bank run, a very few may move it into gold or silver for a few days beforehand. Only those with a little in their account will be tempted to do so and the amounts concerned may cause the banks no difficulty at all.

The politicians, banks and wealthy will not want any apple-carts upset. But if enough people get behind this on the day, then who knows the little people may carry the day.

But isn't it strange that, while both politicians and bankers come out of this economic mess with more power and money at the expense of the little people, we still vote for the same type of people and put what little money we have in the same type of banks.

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